Friday, January 28, 2011

Game changer, walk the dog - we dare ya

We’re not huge sports fans here at For Paws but we do enjoy a reason to get out and exercise now and then by walking the dogs so when Subaru contacted us about their Game Day Dog Walk Event, well, need we say more.

Subaru won’t be watching Super Bowl and they say they won’t be advertising on it either; instead they want all the dog people out there to take a break from the tube and the hype and do something healthy for a change and walk the dog.

Taking your dog for a walk during Super Bowl might seem un American but we look at it this way, you’ll lose a pound or two, your dog won’t mind - he’s probably down on the leagues anyway over that Vick thing - so what the heck, a little walking, a little fresh air and besides the game will still be there, it’ll be there for hours and hours and hours.

So go to Subaru and take the pledge to join in the Game Day Dog Walk Event, your dog will love it, we’re pretty sure you could use it and you just might start a new tradition all painted up in your team colors (you’re so cute) and doing some real Tail Gaiting for a change.

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