Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Discarded" pit Sacramento follow up

The compelling photos of an abandoned female pit bull and some old furniture posted by SapPaws blogger How I See Life prompted some concerned emails through our network.

By Sunday a fellow blogger produced this image from Google maps which bears a strong similarity to the location where the pit was apparently last seen Thursday.

If you look closely at both this screen shot from Google and the photos from the author here we think there is a good chance they are the same location, the 3600 block of Winters Street.

If anyone has seen the dog or knows where it may have been taken please let us know and we will try to intervene. We have some volunteers in the community that will assist in locating the dog, making sure it gets to a vet and then fostered. Thanks, Taxi


  1. Hi Taxi,
    The dog is at the Sacramento City Animal Shelter on Front Street, #A363696.
    She was so scared she had to be tranquilized in order to be caught. No microchip. She will be held for 5 to 7 days and then if she can pass a behavioral test, she may be put up for adoption.

  2. Lisa, That is wonderful news. I just called a volunteer in Sacramento and she will do the research to start finding a group to help the pit.

    That makes two for two in Sacramento this week and a third on the way. I'll write the story up this evening.

    Thanks, SacPaws is a great community. Taxi

  3. That's exactly where she was, and I'm SO GLAD she was found!! Thank you everyone for pitching in!!!

    - Kari (

  4. Thanks Kari, your pictures told the story. Taxi

  5. Carol's Critter Corner:
    So glad the pit was found. Great news.

  6. Carol, We agree, great outcome ---so far! Now the "discarded" old girl needs some assistance. If you know anyone give us a call, we'll do the followup and get this trooper a good place to be. Taxi