Monday, January 31, 2011

"Discarded" in Sacramento

Sacramento 1/31/2011- 

"I gotta see them folks that’s gone out on the road. I got a feelin' I got to see them. ... their own sperit is downcast an’ sad?" The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

Amá,  Navajo - translation, "mother"

SacPaws blogger Kari Bluff's story about her chance encounter one morning last week with an abandoned dog "Discarded" has now touched a chord with animal communities on two coasts.

"Discarded" - photo by Kari Bluff

The photos caught our attention at For Paws and with the aid of some dedicated people at the Sacramento Bee this "Discarded"dog was found Sunday, she's at the Sacramento City Animal  Shelter

Shelter Director Penny Cistaro said Monday that the "Discarded" pit is badly underweight. "She's just skin and bones but eating and appears to have recently given birth."

Cistaro, estimates she's three to four years old and while she's not socialized, the director added, "She is not aggressive and accepts food from our hands, but she will not ask for anything." For that reason, Cistaro explained, the abandoned dog needs expert rehabilitation and she wants the public to know the abandoned dog will not be offered for general adoption.

After Tuesday when she will be evaluated Cistaro has agreed to release her to a qualified rescue organization willing to provide the necessary care and rehabilitation this dog needs. 

CHAKO, Sacramento based pit bull advocates have generously offered to "pull" this girl from the shelter on behalf of a responsible 501(c)3 rescue that would be able to provide care, rehabilitation and a secure rehoming for her. This is her break, she likely hasn't had many but it will take a community to make it happen. To that end For Paws Hospice, Tampa Bay will sponsor relocation and any necessary veterinary costs.

Please contact For Paws at 727.639.9285 or by email: 
if your organization can assist.

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